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4 Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Colorado: Discover the Paw-fect Stay for Your Furry Companion

Looking for the ulti-mutt dog-friendly getaway in Colorado? Well, you’re in for a treat, because these Colorado hotels are going above and beyond to cater to our furry friends, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for both you and your canine companion.


Get ready for a luxurious vacation where every member of the family, including your four-legged friend, will be treated like royalty.

1. The Little Nell, Aspen: 5-Star Luxury Haven for Dog Lovers

In the heart of Aspen lies The Little Nell, a beacon of luxury for guests and their pets. This esteemed Colorado hotel doesn’t just welcome dogs; it celebrates them with plush beds, in-room food and water bowls, and a special pet menu, prepared with only the best ingredients for your four-legged friend.

The Little Nell’s commitment to canine hospitality includes dog walking and sitting services, making it easy for you to hit the slopes, while your pooch is pampered. Your stay here promises a blend of luxury and comfort for you and your canine.

What You Get: 5-Star Luxury, In-room Pet Amenities, Dog Walking/Sitting Services

Pet Fee: $125 plus $25 each additional night

Location: 675 E Durant Avenue, Aspen | View Website

2. Hotel Teatro, Denver: Stylish Urban Comfort for Dogs

Hotel Teatro, located in the bustling heart of Denver offers a stylish urban retreat for pet lovers. This dog-friendly hotel in Denver goes above and beyond to ensure your pet feels at home, offering amenities like water bowls and comfy beds right at check-in.

With no additional pet fees, guests can enjoy a hassle-free stay, focusing instead on the city’s numerous pet-friendly spots.

Hotel Teatro stands out not just for its pet policies but also for its luxurious accommodations, ensuring a night of comfort and elegance for every guest.

Its prime location makes it a perfect starting point for a city stroll with your furry companion, exploring Denver’s vibrant lifestyle.

What You Get: Boutique Hotel Elegance, Complimentary Pet Stay, Luxury Amenities

Price Range: 2 pets of any size are welcome for no additional fee

Location: 1100 14th Street, Denver | View Website

3. Kimpton Hotel Monaco: Pet Friendly Hotel In Denver

Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver redefines pet-friendly luxury, welcoming dogs of any size, breed, or weight at no extra cost. This inclusive approach ensures that whether you’re traveling with two dogs or just one, the combined weight is never a concern.

Each room is thoughtfully equipped with pet essentials like food and water bowls, ensuring your furry companion’s needs are met. The hotel’s partnership with local pet services offers guests peace of mind, knowing that everything from a special treat to a swimming adventure is just a request away.
Located near top attractions and green spaces, Kimpton Hotel Monaco is an ideal choice for those looking to experience Denver with their pets by their side.

What You Get: Inclusive Pet Policy, Room Equipped with Pet Essentials, Access to Premium Pet Services

Price Range: 2 dogs of any size for no additional fee.

Location: 1717 Champa Street, Denver | View Website

4. The Lodge at Breckenridge: A Dog-Friendly Mountain Escape

Overlooking the serene landscapes of Breckenridge, The Lodge offers a mountain escape unrivaled in its beauty and hospitality. This dog-friendly lodge welcomes pets with a tailored Paw-fect Getaway Package, featuring amenities such as collapsible water bowls, a placemat for mess-free meals, and a cozy bed ensuring your pooch has a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Lodge’s commitment to making every pet’s stay special is evident in its attention to detail, from providing a welcome treat upon check-in to offering a list of nearby dog-friendly trails for your morning strolls.

With its breathtaking views and direct access to outdoor adventures, The Lodge at Breckenridge is the perfect getaway for guests looking to immerse themselves in Colorado’s natural beauty with their furry companions.

What You Get: Mountain Retreat, Paw-fect Getaway Package, Outdoor Adventures

Price Range: 2 dogs of any size for an additional fee of $50 per night

Location: 112 Overlook Drive, Breckenridge | View Website

Why Choose These Colorado Hotels for Your Dog-Friendly Vacation?

Opting for one of these Colorado hotels means more than just finding a place to sleep; it’s about creating an experience. Each establishment’s dedication to pet-friendly services—from gourmet meals and special treats to luxurious sleeping arrangements and attentive front desk service—ensures your stay in Colorado is as enjoyable for your pet as it is for you.

Whether you’re soaking in the luxury of Aspen, exploring the urban landscape of Denver, or embracing the natural wonders of Breckenridge, these hotels guarantee a memorable stay for every two-legged and four-legged guest alike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: The Little Nell in Aspen distinguishes itself as a premier Colorado hotel with luxurious amenities tailored for dogs. This includes a special pet menu, cozy beds specifically designed for your pup, and gourmet treats, alongside dog walking and sitting services. Its dedication to providing a luxury experience for pets and their owners makes it a standout among Colorado pet-friendly hotels.

A: No, Hotel Teatro in Denver sets the standard for dog-friendly hotels in the city by welcoming dogs without additional charges. Guests can expect thoughtful amenities like goodie bags, water bowls, and comfy beds upon arrival, ensuring both you and your pup feel at home.

A: Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver prides itself on being an inclusive pet-friendly hotel, welcoming all dogs regardless of size or breed, with no extra costs involved.

A: The Lodge at Breckenridge goes above and beyond to cater to canine guests with its Paw-fect Getaway Package, featuring unique amenities like a collapsible water bowl and a tennis ball for playful pups. This thoughtful package, combined with the lodge’s stunning location and cozy rooms, solidifies its status as a unique dog-friendly lodge in Colorado, perfect for guests looking to explore the natural beauty of Colorado Springs and beyond with their pets.

A: While policies may vary across hotels, most dog-friendly accommodations in Colorado, including The Lodge at Breckenridge, allow dogs to be left alone in rooms. They suggest leaving a TV or radio on for company, ensuring your pet feels relaxed and entertained in their luxury accommodation, whether it’s a room with a city view or a quiet lodge nestled in the mountains.

A: Although Hotel Teatro and others do not charge extra for bringing your canine companion, some Colorado hotels might have a pet fee per night. It’s advisable to check each hotel’s policy beforehand to ensure a seamless experience for you and your pet, highlighting the importance of understanding the varying amenities and services offered by pet-friendly hotels in Colorado.

A: These distinguished hotels in Colorado offer an unparalleled experience for dogs and their owners by providing exceptional pet-friendly amenities and services. From luxurious beds and bowls in every room to special treats and amenities, these accommodations ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for every guest. This dedication to hospitality makes them exemplary dog-friendly options in Colorado, catering to every need of their furry guests.

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