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Dog-friendly distilleries in Denver

Paws and Pours: 13 Dog-Friendly Distilleries in Denver and Beyond

Denver’s spirited landscape has fetched an exciting niche for dog lovers and cocktail aficionados alike. Our beloved city’s distilleries are not just concocting fine spirits, but they are also opening their doors to our four-legged best friends.


Here’s a tail-wagging tour of 13 dog-friendly distilleries in Denver, where the welcome mat is always out for both humans and hounds.

1. Denver Distillery

Denver Distillery offers a cozy outdoor seating area where Fido can join in the fun. Here, the spirit of Denver is captured not just in the diverse range of handcrafted spirits—from the warmth of whiskey to the tropical tease of rum and the botanical bouquet of gin—but also in the inclusive atmosphere that embraces our furry companions. This is the spot to unwind and savor local Denver craftsmanship, all with your dog by your side.

Location: 244 S Broadway, Denver, CO | Visit Website

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2. Devil’s Head Distillery

Englewood’s own Devil’s Head Distillery mixes a bit of playful mischief with a welcoming, dog-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy their crafted cocktails in a lively setting where every member of the family, including those with paws, is greeted with a smile.

Location: 3296 S Acoma St, Englewood, CO | Visit Website

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3. DV8 Distillery

Located in the heart of Boulder, DV8 Distillery is a haven for canines and their humans, where everyone is welcome. They pride themselves on their house distilled sprits and yummy cocktails, so bring your four-legged friend and savor the experience as much as the spirits on their pet-friendly outdoor patio.

Location: 2480 49th St E, Boulder, CO | Visit Website

4. Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse

Boasting a spacious outdoor setting, Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse is the place to be with Bowser. The 10,000 square foot outdoor space is definitely dog friendly (it says so on their website), and with crafted cocktails, a full food menu, beer and wine, it’s your new favorite hangout with your hound. The menu features a tasty selection of distillery pub fare to pair with your cocktail and best of all, the patio features a covered, heated tent and fire pits for you and your dog to enjoy on chilly Denver days.

Location: 3636 Chestnut Pl. in Denver, CO | Visit Website

5. Laws Whiskey House

Laws Whiskey House is a temple to the time-honored tradition of whiskey making, and it extends its warm hospitality to your four-legged friend. As you step into their expansive tasting room, you’re not just walking into a great place to sample whiskey, you’re entering a space where the community—pups included—is as important as the drink in your hand. It’s a place where the whiskey is as full-bodied as the welcome you’ll both receive.

Location: 1420 S. Acoma Street, Denver, CO | Visit Website

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6. Mile High Spirits

Mile High Spirits is a downtown gem with a heart for hospitality that extends to your hound. Their tasting room is a lively locale where Denver’s distilling artistry is on full display. Step out onto their spacious patio, and you’ll find a convivial atmosphere where tail-waggers are more than welcome.

Location: 2201 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO | Visit Website

7. Molly Brown Distillery

Molly Brown Distillery pays homage to Denver’s own unsinkable Molly Brown with spirits that are as bold and inviting as her legendary namesake. Here, dogs are not just allowed; they’re expected to accompany the savvy sippers who walk through their doors. With a nod to Colorado’s rich history, the distillery and dog friendly taproom serves up a selection that’s as varied and fascinating as Molly Brown’s own life story. Enjoy their artisanal creations in a space where the past meets the present, and your pup can bask in the ambiance right by your side.

Location: 2300 E 77th Ave Unit 300A, Denver, CO | Visit Website

8. Mythology Distillery

Mythology Distillery has made the big move to Steamboat Springs, but is still worth mentioning here because of its amazing, and dog friendly Whiskey Garden (we love a good whiskey garden with our dog!). This boutique distillery is not just about the booze, they have a full Asian inspired food menu that includes soup dumplings, chicken satay, bai buns, Asian charcuterie and edamame — Yum!

Your dog can tag along as you sample their libations, from smooth whiskeys to adventurous blends. The relaxed atmosphere in the whiskey garden is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon, where the only thing better than the spirits is the company—both human and canine.

Location: 2875 Elk River Rd, Steamboat Springs, CO | Visit Website

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9. Rising Sun Distillery

If laid-back lounging spells a perfect day for you and your pup, trot over to Rising Sun Distillery. Their dog-friendly lounge is just the spot to savor a craft cocktail while your dog enjoys the VIP (Very Important Pup) treatment. They offer small-batch craft spirits and educational VIP tours and cocktail classes in a laid-back location that’s perfect for a relaxed afternoon with Rover.

Location: 1330 Zuni Street, Denver, CO, Denver, CO | Visit Website

10. Rocker Spirits

Located in Littleton, Rocker Spirits is where award-winning spirits meet dog-friendly hospitality. Their doors are open to both bipeds and quadrupeds, ensuring a memorable time for all. The friendly staff shows as much affection for dogs as generous as their pours, guaranteeing tail wags and happy hours (literally). Order food for you and Fido at the food truck. Join the fun and watch the video below and see what makes their spirits rock! 

Location: 5587 S Hill St, Littleton, CO | Visit Website

11. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey beckons the canine crew to its sun-splashed outdoor patio, a perfect spot to lounge with a glass of smooth, amber whiskey. This iconic spot isn’t just about sipping spirits on the dog friendly patio; it’s a community hub that celebrates the bond between dogs and their humans with festive, pup-centric events throughout the year. Imagine toasting to your terrier’s health with other dogs and like-minded whiskey aficionados.

Location: 200 South Kalamath Street, Denver, CO | Visit Website

12. The Family Jones Spirit House

Over at The Family Jones Spirit House, while the the indoor space is reserved for bipeds, the dog friendly patio is the place to be in warmer months (sadly, it’s closed in the winter). Be sure to check their seasonal offerings to enjoy with Fido at home then catch happy hour with your faithful hound this summer — believe us, it’s worth the wait! With cocktails like Chaos & Harmony, made with Mo Jones Rum, cilantro, jalapeno, tomato water and lime, paired with a bite from their small plates menu (we recommend the Burrata), you can’t go wrong, especially with Bowser by your side.

Location: 3245 Osage Street, Denver, CO | Visit Website

13. The Block Distilling Co.

In the bustling heart of Denver, The Block Distilling Co. is a hotspot where canine companions are as cherished as the patrons. With Loretta (pictured above), the resident distillery dog, your furry friend will find a fast friend while you indulge in the vibrant atmosphere and fine spirits.

Location: 2990 Larimer St, Denver, CO | Visit Website

As you leash up and head out, know that Denver’s dog friendly distilleries are pouring their hearts into creating spaces where camaraderie and craft cocktails reign supreme, and your canine companions are always the toast of the town. Cheers (and woof) to that!

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