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Indoor dog activities in Denver

Warm Up Your Pup: Indoor Dog Activities in Denver

Baby, it’s cold outside! Before you bundle up and head outdoors with your best bud, check out our list of indoor dog activities in Denver. From swimming in a heated indoor pool to joining a playgroup at an indoor dog park, here are some ways to keep you and your furry friend active this winter.


Calling all Denver dog lovers! Are you tired of the same old dog parks and outdoor adventures? Looking for new and exciting ways to bond with your furry best friend?

Denver is a city bursting with dog-friendly activities, eateries, and indoor play spaces that cater to pets and their peeps. Read on to discover the top indoor dog activities in Denver that will have your pup wagging its tail in delight!

Indoor Dog Parks in Denver

Denver has a range of indoor dog parks which provide the perfect play environment for your canine friends. Dogs and their owners can have fun together in climate-controlled environments, with access to heated pools, agility courses, as well as doggy daycare and socialization opportunities!

Canine Fitness & Fun Center

Canine Fitness & Fun Center is your ultimate destination for a safe and entertaining experience with your canine companion. This indoor dog park features an area to play, pools that are heated year-round, plus separate spaces tailored towards dogs of different sizes and temperaments.

The center’s expansive indoor play area is a dog’s dream come true. It’s a space where they can unleash their energy, engage in their favorite games, and interact with other dogs in a controlled and supervised environment. It’s not just about fun and games though. Physical activity is crucial for a dog’s overall health and wellbeing, and the Canine Fitness & Fun Center provides the perfect outlet!

But the pièce de résistance has to be the center’s heated pools (see more below). Available year-round, these pools offer a unique form of exercise and a great way for your dog to cool off after a session of play. Whether your dog is a seasoned swimmer or a tentative first-timer, the center’s experienced staff are always on hand to ensure a positive and safe swimming experience.

Location: 5390 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO | View Website

Romero’s K9 Club and Tap House

Looking for a place that’s as fun for you as it is for your furry friend? Look no further than Romero’s K9 Club and Tap House! For just a fiver, you can grab a day pass to this doggie haven brimming with fun!

Your pooch will be spoiled for choice with an indoor pavilion and an outdoor off-leash area to explore. While your four-legged friend is busy making new pals, you can kick back in the beer garden, savoring a cold brew and soaking up the atmosphere.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Romero’s keeps things fresh with a rotating roster of food trucks, serving up a smorgasbord of delicious dishes. Whether you’re a foodie or just feeling peckish, there’s always something new and tantalizing to try. And let’s not forget the drinks – from craft beers to refreshing soft drinks, there’s something to quench every thirst.

For those who can’t get enough of Romero’s, annual memberships are available, offering a host of exclusive perks to enhance your visits.

Open from noon till night, Monday through Sunday, Romero’s K9 Club and Tap House has quickly become a favorite hangout for dogs and their humans alike. It’s not just a place to visit, it’s a community to join, packed with laughter, fun, and of course, plenty of wagging tails!

Location: 985 S Public Rd, Lafayette, CO | View Website

Dog-Friendly Eateries and Breweries

After a day filled with fetch, frisbee, and fun, you and your furry companion might be ready to refuel with some scrumptious food and thirst-quenching drinks. Denver’s dog-friendly pubs are the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy the local flavors.

Consider heading to places like Pub Dog or Denver Beer Company. Both offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you and your canine companion can unwind and enjoy a cold one on a winter day.

Pub Dog Colorado

Nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, Pub Dog offers a one-of-a-kind experience for dog lovers and their pooch pals. This welcoming spot invites dogs to join their humans indoors and outdoors, making it a truly pet-friendly venue.

But Pub Dog offers more than just a meal out with your four-legged friend. They take ‘paw-ties’ to a whole new level! Imagine your pup’s birthday or gotcha day celebration with dog-approved treats and festive decorations. It’s a unique twist that’s sure to make any event unforgettable!

The ambiance at Pub Dog is cozy and inviting, perfect for a relaxed outing with your furry best friend.

Location: 2207 Bott Ave, Colorado Springs, CO | View Website

Denver Beer Company

Located on Platte Street, Denver Beer Company is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts and their furry friends. This dog-friendly brewery offers both indoor and outdoor seating, allowing you and your pup to relax in a comfortable setting while you sample their extensive selection of brews.

From the rich, robust flavors of the Colorado Public Red Ale to a range of other craft beers, Denver Beer Company has something to satisfy every palate. And with food trucks serving up delicious fare every day, you’re guaranteed a tasty meal to accompany your drink.

But it’s not just about the humans. Denver Beer Company understands that dogs are part of the family too, and they’ve created an environment where every visitor, two-legged or four-legged, is welcome. So whether you’re looking for a new favorite brew or just a place to chill with your pup, Denver Beer Co. has you covered!

Location: 1695 Platte St, Denver, CO | View Website

Looking for more dog-friendly breweries in Denver? If so, here are 35 more to explore with Fido!

Indoor Dog Training Facilities

In Denver, there’s no shortage of indoor dog training facilities dedicated to helping your four-legged friend achieve his full potential. Institutions like K9 Wisdom Training and House of Dog Training offer a range of obedience courses to suit your pet’s needs.

Whether you’re interested in group sessions for socialization and basic commands, or specialized workshops to tackle specific behavioral issues, these facilities provide a safe and controlled environment for your pet to learn, grow, and interact with other dogs under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Are you interested in taking your dog to the next level of training by participating in advanced classes? Canine sports such as agility is a great way to enhance your dog’s coordination and build a stronger bond between the two of you. Trick training is another exciting avenue to explore, allowing your dog to learn entertaining tricks that are sure to impress friends and family. Best of all, both can be done indoors!

K9 Wisdom Training

At K9 Wisdom Training located in Loveland, they understand that every dog has unique needs and potential. This is why they offer a comprehensive range of activities and services to cater to your furry friend’s training requirements.

From obedience classes that teach your dog basic commands and manners, to doggy daycare where your pet can socialize and play in a safe and supervised environment, K9 Wisdom Training has it all. They even offer rescue aid programs for dogs that have had a challenging start in life, providing them with the love, care, and training they need to thrive.

For dogs with a keen sense of smell, their nose work groups are a great option. This activity allows your dog to use their natural scenting abilities in a fun and challenging way.

So, whether you have a young pup just starting their training journey, or an older dog who could benefit from a little extra care, K9 Wisdom Training is equipped to provide an enriching and supportive learning experience. They’re not just a training facility, they’re a community dedicated to providing the best possible care for your canine companion.

Location: 405 8th St SE, Loveland, CO | View Website

House of Dog Training

Located in Colorado Springs, House of Dog Training is a facility committed to providing personalized training programs tailored to each dog’s unique needs and behavioral challenges. Their team of experienced trainers is prepared to work closely with your pup, offering private sessions both at their facility and in your home for more severe behavioral issues.

House of Dog Training utilizes positive reinforcement techniques paired with modern training methods, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for your dog to learn new skills. Their approach focuses not only on addressing problem behaviors but also on nurturing and enhancing your dog’s natural abilities and strengths.

Their welcoming atmosphere is designed to make the learning process as comfortable as possible for both you and your dog. At House of Dog Training, it’s not just about teaching commands, it’s about building confidence and fostering a positive relationship between you and your canine companion.

Behavior and Boarding Center: 57 Sunflower Road, Colorado Springs, CO

House of Dog Training Center: 416 W Fillmore St., Colorado Springs, CO

View Website

Indoor Dog Swimming Pools

Canine hydrotherapy, or swimming for dogs, has numerous benefits and can be enjoyed all year round, especially when the pool is heated and indoors! Not only does swimming help to build strength and endurance in your canine companion, but it also provides a low-impact workout that’s easy on their joints. Additionally, swimming can help with weight management, improve cardiovascular health, and promote mental stimulation year-round.

Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group

The Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group in Denver is an excellent facility for dogs looking for a refreshing swim. Equipped with a heated pool and flexible scheduling options, including open swim times and private bookings, your furry friend has ample opportunities to dive into the fun!

Their experienced staff members are committed to ensuring each dog receives the appropriate care during their visit. Regardless of whether your pup is an experienced swimmer or just dipping their paws in for the first time, every dog is guaranteed a safe and enjoyable experience at this rehabilitation center.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and invigorating activity for your four-legged friend, the Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group offers a fantastic option. It’s not just about the swim – it’s about promoting your dog’s health and well-being while they have a blast!

Broomfield: 8855 W. 116th Circle, Broomfield, CO

Englewood: 3760 S. Lipan St., Englewood, CO

View Website

Pet-Friendly Shopping Experiences

If you’re in the Denver metro area and looking for a shopping experience that includes your four-legged friend, you’re in luck. Shopping with your canine companion can be a delightful experience for both you and your pet, and Denver has several pet-friendly shopping destinations to choose from.

Check out Wilderness Exchange for outdoor gear, City Floral Garden Center for your gardening needs, or the bustling 16th Street Pedestrian Mall for a variety of shops and restaurants. These locations offer welcoming environments where well-behaved dogs are welcomed with open arms.

Wilderness Exchange Unlimited

Venture to Denver and explore Wilderness Exchange, a dog-friendly outdoor equipment store perfect for you and your furry friend! This store offers both new and gently used gear, making it an excellent destination for all your camping and hiking needs.

Get geared up together at Wilderness Exchange so you’re both ready for some fun outdoors!

Location: 2401 15th St #100, Denver, CO | View Website

City Floral Garden Center

At City Floral Garden Center, your well-behaved dog is welcome to accompany you while you explore the wide selection of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies. It’s a perfect spot for practicing obedience training with your furry friend while finding beautiful additions to your home and outdoor space.

This gardening haven is staffed by knowledgeable experts who are ready to provide helpful advice on all your gardening needs, so start planning your spring plantings now. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, City Floral Garden Center is an essential stop for all pet-loving plant enthusiasts.

Location: 1440 Kearney St, Denver, CO | View Website

16th Street Pedestrian Mall

The mile-long 16th Street Pedestrian Mall offers the perfect place for dog lovers and their furry friends to enjoy some quality bonding time. This pet friendly strip boasts plenty of boutique stores, sidewalk cafes, as well as popular eateries that are ready to welcome you and your leashed pup.

Location: 1001 16th St Mall, Denver, CO | View Website

Unique Dog-Friendly Activities

If you and your pup are looking to try something different to do in Denver, there are plenty of unique (and even quirky), dog-friendly activities such as bouldering, exploring historic haunts, or painting like Bob Ross!

Denver Bouldering Club

If you’re in the Denver area and looking for a way to challenge yourself or your furry friend, come visit the dog-friendly climbing gym at Denver Bouldering Club. They offer gear rental as well as guidance for climbers of all levels of experience. You can even take part in yoga classes or join one of their competitions, making it fun and thrilling!

Bring along your canine companion and have an adventurous time with them when visiting this facility. Whether experienced climber or beginner, everyone is welcome!

Location: 2485 W 2nd Ave #18, Denver, CO | View Website

Denver Terrors Tour

Explore Denver’s sinister past with your pup on the Terrors Tour! Well-behaved dogs are welcome on this haunted walking tour of historic Millionaire’s Row for a unique, spine-tingling experience.

Leading you through darkly fascinating stories from days gone by while visiting spooky sites across town, it promises to be an enjoyable journey that both thrill seekers and history buffs will appreciate. Oh, and dog lovers, too!

View Website

Paint Like Bob Ross

Spend a creative day with your canine by joining Paint Like Bob Ross. This pooch-friendly painting class offers an amazing experience where you can bring your dog (with approval) along to hang while you literally learn how to paint like Bob Ross!

View Website

Indoor Dog Room Rentals

As a November baby myself, outdoor birthday parties are a no-go, so why not rent an indoor space for your pooch’s special day, whether it’s a birthday, adoption day, or any day!

House of Dog Training

At the House of Dog Training in Denver, you have the unique opportunity to rent out an indoor dog room exclusively for your use. This is an excellent option for special events or simply for a playdate with your pup, providing a comfortable and safe environment for everyone involved – both dogs and their owners!

If you’re looking to make your pup’s day extra special, consider hosting your gathering at this venue. With spaces specifically designed for canine celebrations, it’s the perfect spot for a memorable dog party.

Behavior and Boarding Center: 57 Sunflower Road, Colorado Springs, CO

House of Dog Training Center: 416 W Fillmore St., Colorado Springs, CO

View Website

Frequently Asked Questions

How dog friendly is Denver?

Denver tops the list of most welcoming cities, with a plethora of pet-friendly activities for you and your pooch, from outdoor activities like hiking and skijoring, to indoor activities like swimming and bouldering.

What are some indoor dog parks in Denver?

Looking for a fun place in Denver where your furry friend can enjoy some play time? Check out Romero’s K9 Club and Tap House and the Canine Fitness & Fun Center. Both are great indoor spots offering canine-related activities!

Are there any dog-friendly breweries in Denver?

Denver has a plethora of pup-friendly breweries to enjoy a local craft beer with your canine. In fact, we’ve put together a list of 36 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Denver here.

Are there any indoor dog swimming pools in Denver?

With locations in Broomfield and Englewood, there are indoor swimming pools for dogs offered by Canine and Conditioning Rehabilitation Group. These locations provide an ideal place to take your canine companion for a splashy swim in the comfort of indoors!


Denver offers a wide range of indoor activities to keep your furry friend active and entertained during the winter months. Whether it’s swimming, joining a playgroup, or playing at an indoor park, there’s something for every dog.

So why let the cold weather hold you back? Get out there and enjoy all the fantastic indoor adventures Denver has to offer. Why let winter be a dull time for your pup when it can be a season of excitement and fun?


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